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Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer

Have you been arrested for a crime related to the possession, manufacture, or delivery of a controlled substance?  Thomas C. Stephenson can help.

In Texas, drug charges are taken very seriously and may be punished by a significant fine or even jail time.  Even a small amount of marijuana can lead to up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $2,000, not to mention the loss of your driver's license!  Harder drugs such as cocaine can carry a penalty of years in prison.

You Need A Lawyer.

‚ÄčA good Houston criminal defense lawyer can help you fight these charges.  Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty -- and frequently the state may not be able to prove you guilty because of illegal searches and seizures that lead to the evidence against you being inadmissible in court.  But you won't be able to fight this without a good criminal defense lawyer.  Call us today.