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“He is really humble, kind, and knowledgeable. He represented me when I was charged and helped me seal my record a year later.”

– Former Criminal Client

“Attorney Stephenson was very responsive and shows great concern about my worries.”

– Former Criminal Client

“My experience with Thomas was great! He was very responsive, I didn't wait longer than an hour for him to call me back if he didn't answer, and it was very rare he didn't answer.”

– Former Criminal Client

“Mr. Stephenson was wonderful and great my case was dismissed and his guidance and work got me there! Definitely recommend!”

– Former Criminal Client

An Attorney You Can Trust

We know that most of our clients' legal needs arise out of an unexpected crisis. You need an attorney you can trust to handle your legal needs with a full understanding of the lifelong consequences that a criminal conviction can have -- and the determination to make sure that they don't stay on your record forever.

Hire Someone Who's Been There Before

You've probably never been in a criminal courtroom before or had to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Hire someone who knows what he's doing. Thomas C. Stephenson has represented clients in criminal matters all over Texas since being licensed in 2010.

No Case Is Too Far

Is your case outside of Harris County? No problem! We don't mind traveling, in fact, we're happy to go to whatever court your case is in to help you.

Do I Even Need A Lawyer?

Yes, you do! Losing your case can have serious consequences -- and trust us, if you try to go it alone, you will lose. And don't delay. We can help you a lot more if we start on your case as soon as possible after your arrest -- rather than three months or years down the road.

I Haven't Been Arrested, But The Cops Want to Talk to Me

One word: don't. And two more: Call us. We can't keep track of the number of times that people wound up in jail entirely because they talked to the police. If the police can't make their case against you, they'll try to get you to make the case against yourself. Again: don't do it. Call us instead.

That's Great, but What About Fees?

We accept all major credit cards -- and if you can't pay your fee in full, we'll work out a payment plan that's affordable for you. What you can't afford to do is not hire a trustworthy criminal defense lawyer.

About Us

Thomas C. Stephenson graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School and has been licensed to practice in Texas since 2010 -- and has been a criminal defense lawyer the entire time. He practices criminal defense exclusively.


Nothing on this website is legal advice. You pay for legal advice; this is free. Contacting Thomas C. Stephenson does not create an attorney-client relationship.