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Houston Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

I've been charged with drug possession.  What do I do?

Call a good Houston drug possession defense lawyer as soon as possible.  A conviction for possession of a controlled substance can have serious consequences, but a good lawyer can help you fight your case and avoid a conviction.

The police searched my car without a warrant.  Can they do that?

Well, the answer is sometimes yes.  Police generally need a warrant to search your property (whether it's your home or your car, or your person), but there are all sorts of exceptions to the warrant rule that the police often take advantage of.  But sometimes, they think they have an exception to the warrant rule when they really didn't -- and that's why it's worth hiring a good Houston criminal defense lawyer to evaluate your case.

What if the drugs weren't mine?

The law doesn't require that the drugs actually have been yours -- the law only requires that you knew that you had them.  That means if you were holding drugs for someone else, or if you were driving a vehicle that you knew had drugs in it, you can be convicted even if the drugs didn't belong to you.  But if the police found drugs that you didn't even know were there, you're not guilty.  Call a Houston drug possession defense lawyer today.

What are the consequences of a conviction?

Well, a conviction will go on your criminal record for the rest of your life, and may affect your ability to get a job or even rent an apartment.  On the other hand, a dismissal can be removed from your record so that it won't show up on background checks; it's like the case never happened.  If you complete deferred adjudication, there will be no conviction on your record and your case can be sealed from public view -- meaning that a limited group of people (mostly state agencies) can still view the case, but an average member of the public -- like an employer, or a significant other -- will never know that it happened.

Do you travel outside of Harris County?

Absolutely.  We've handled drug possession cases throughout Southeast Texas and the Gulf Coast region.  Call us today.


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