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I've Been Arrested For DWI.  What Should I Do?

Call a Houston DWI lawyer immediately.  A good DWI lawyer can handle everything from start to finish, including your ALR hearing and a jury trial on the merits of your case.

What's an ALR hearing?

When you're arrested on suspicion of DWI, your Texas driver's license will be suspended starting 15 days from either a breath test refusal (180-day administrative suspension) or a failure (90-day administrative suspension.)  But you have fifteen days to request a hearing, at which time the State of Texas will have to call the arresting officer to show the judge that there was probable cause to arrest you for the offense of driving while intoxicated.

An ALR hearing will give you a valuable chance to cross-examine the arresting officer and get him on the record.  But if you don't request it within 15 days, you waive the right to it.

Should I take the breathalyzer test?

Many Houston DWI lawyers will tell you not to take the breathalyzer test.  I have slightly different advice, but with a big caveat: Only take the breathalyzer test if you know you're going to pass.  If you haven't had anything to drink, go right ahead; the breathalyzer test will prove your innocence.  But if you've been drinking, don't take it.

That said, many jurisdictions will just go get a warrant for a sample of your blood if you refuse the breathalyzer test.

Well, I did blow.  What now?

A Houston DWI lawyer can still help you.  A Houston DWI lawyer can review the facts of your case and see if there's a possibility that the state may not be able to use the breathalyzer test against you.  It's still important to call a Houston DWI lawyer today.

Do you do DWIs?

All the time.  We've tried DWI cases before a jury.  Call The Stephenson Law Office today.


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