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Houston Assault Defense Lawyer

I've Been Arrested for Assault.  What do I do?

Call a good Houston assault defense lawyer as soon as possible.  At the Stephenson Law Office, we're experienced with assault cases and know how to try them before a jury.  We can evaluate your case and go over your possible defenses.

What if I was defending myself?

Self-defense is a valid defense to an assault charge.  Oftentimes, the loser of a fight will claim to have been assaulted by the other party -- even if the loser was the one who started the fight!  And even if you can't prove that the other person started the fight, you don't have to.  The state has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were the initial aggressor.

What about aggravated assault?

We handle aggravated assault as well.  In an aggravated assault, in addition to proving that the defendant committed an assault -- and was the initial aggressor -- the state must also prove that the other party suffered serious bodily injury as a result of the assault, or that the defendant used a deadly weapon in committing the assault.  An aggravated assault is a felony charge with serious consequences; call a good Houston criminal defense lawyer today.


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