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Houston Expungement Lawyer

My case was dismissed, but it's still showing up on background checks.

You need to contact a Houston expungement lawyer today.  If your case is dismissed, or if you were acquitted at trial, you may be eligible for an order of expunction.  An order of expunction will require all parties with a copy of the arrest record -- including the police, the District Attorney, the District Clerk's office, and the Texas Crime Information Center -- to destroy all records of the offense.  It's as if it never occurred.

Is there a waiting period to have my record expunged?

There may be.  If you were acquitted at a jury trial, you can have your record expunged immediately.  If your case was dismissed, you may have to wait until the statute of limitations expires -- two years from the date of arrest on a misdemeanor, or three years or more on most felonies -- before you can have your record expunged.

The statute of limitations hasn't run out, but I want my record expunged immediately.

Call us anyway.  Depending on the facts of the original case, you might be able to get the District Attorney to agree to an order of expunction before the statute of limitations expires.

What if I completed a pretrial diversion?

If you completed a pretrial diversion program, and your case was dismissed at the end of the program, you are eligible for an order of expungement as soon as your case is dismissed.

What if I completed deferred adjudication probation?

If you successfully completed deferred adjudication, you're not eligible for an expungement, but you may be eligible for an order of nondisclosure.


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