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Houston Family Violence Defense Lawyer

I've been charged with Assault against a Family Member.  What do I do?

Call a Houston Family Violence Defense Lawyer as soon as possible.  Family violence cases can have serious consequences -- a conviction for an offense involving family violence may result in you being prohibited from owning a firearm in the future.  In addition, a conviction for family violence may result in the enhancement of future criminal charges.  Call us today.

Who is considered a "family member?"

Under Texas law, a family member is a spouse, a person with whom you have a dating relationship or a child, or a direct blood relative (sibling or parent.)  It can also mean a household member -- someone who lives under the same roof, even if it's just a roommate.

My spouse wants to drop charges.

While the reluctant spouse is a common occurrence in Texas family violence cases, the District Attorney can still press forward with the case even though the alleged victim wants the charges to be dropped -- and often, they do.  In fact, filing a sworn affidavit of non-prosecution with the District Attorney's office can often work against the defendant in a family violence case, because the alleged victim will have to admit under oath that the attack occurred or face charges of filing a false police report.


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